Financial planning made easier than before.

Yritysmalli is a versatile planning package which enables complete planning on short and long range without unnecessary detail.

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Visualize your business future better.

Yritysmalli is a multifunctional, effective and affordable solution for capital intensive business planning. Yritysmalli is especially suited for cashflow planning and stakeholder reporting. With Yritysmalli you can quickly and easily simulate changes in future cash-flows, net-incomes and balance sheets. The implemention is fast and does not require a separate project.


scenario updates.

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Easy sensibility

Yritysmalli is IFRS compatible


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Try now our industrial demo in Yritysmalli

Industry Extreme Ltd is a smaller industrial company facing big investments during the current year. Yritysmalli helps the management control the cashflows during the year.

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Industrial Demo

Industry Extreme Ltd is a smaller industrial company facing big investments during the current year. Yritysmalli helps the manage
ment control the cashflows during the year.

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Airline Business Demo

F-Air is a middle sized airline which has investments of 1,2 billion € in the years 2017-2020. You can easily adjust the numbers in this forecast by adjusting the drivers.

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Fashion Business Demo

Mary Mekko is a home furnishings, textiles and fashion company. The cash flow on year level is expected to be good but the seasonal cash flow demand high-quality planning.

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Industrial Demo with aquisition

Robat is a strongly internationalized growth company manufacturing, selling and servicing global customers in drilling consumables. An aquisition is included in this example.

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Yritysmalli is quick
and easy to use.

Planning is made from one single planning sheet where you have all the significant parameters, from the planning sheet you can see the results in graphics and in numbers. The program automatically calculates the additional financing needed. You can set the cash position as required. Yritysmalli can be linked to downloads from accounting systems.

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