We create a lasting mark in the digital world.

A website is the most prominent way to create visibility for your business in the online world. A good website gives you the opportunity to lift your business to the next level.


The Internet is
gaining importance.

Due to the internet’s importance in the modern world, service providers, entrepreneurs and stores have become subject to a rising need of online visibility. Millions of Finns surf the web daily therefore the best way of reaching your business’s target group is a well-made website. As a website makes the business significantly more visible and available in the online world.

75% of Finns use the
internet daily

2015= 68% ---2014= 64%

Almost 70% of Finns surf the web via mobile devices.

2015= 62% ---2014= 54%

A Finn spends approximately 13 hours a week to surf the web.

2015= 13 hours ---2014= 12 hours

A good website improves business

The constant competition for customers can be a huge headache. Often a customer will make the decision of doing business with you in the blink of an eye. Therefore the importance of first impression can’t be stressed enough. A great website wins you customers and makes your business stand out of the crowd.


Are you interested in quality websites? We are your solution.

The websites Brasidor produce are made with care and precision, furthermore they are made without compromising quality and personality. Each site is a result of co-operation with you. Together with the above-mentioned qualities Brasidor will create your business a website which allows it to rise to the next level.


Responsive Design

We'll optimize your website as mobile & tablet friendly as possible to make user experience as good as possible.

Search engine optimized

We'll optimize your website search engine friendly so your clients will find you easier through Google or Bing.

Easily updatable

Your website is built with HTML-language so that any developer can update your site in the future easily.


Something for everyone. Starting at 499€

As entrepreneurs we know that the economic situation might be tough at times, but an economic struggle should not be allowed to halt progress. Brasidor offers a quality service with prices to fit all budgets.

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